Key Samples Bundle

The Vintage Bundle is a meticulously crafted sample libraries pack for Kontakt, designed to capture the essence and vibe of five iconic vintage instruments. With its rich, warm, and authentic sound, the Vintage Bundle provides a comprehensive recreation of the Wurlitzer, Yamaha CP 80, Fender Rhodes MK I, Mellotron, and Clavinet D6.

The Wurlitzer is a classic electric piano that has been used in countless hit songs across various genres. Its distinctive bell-like tone is instantly recognizable and adds a unique character to any track. The Vintage Bundle includes a faithful recreation of this timeless instrument, capturing its dynamic range, key release noise, and subtle tonal variations.

The Yamaha CP 80 is a grand piano that was popular in the 70s and 80s. It has a bright, punchy sound that makes it perfect for pop and rock music. The Vintage Bundle features an accurate representation of this legendary instrument, including its unique hammer and damper mechanisms, and velocity-sensitive keys.

The Fender Rhodes MK I is an electric piano that has been used extensively in jazz, funk, and soul music. It has a warm and mellow sound that is instantly recognizable. The Vintage Bundle includes a meticulous recreation of this classic instrument, capturing its distinctive tone, dynamic range, and nuances.

The Mellotron is a keyboard instrument that uses magnetic tape to play back pre-recorded sounds. It was popular in the 60s and 70s and has been used in countless iconic songs. The Vintage Bundle includes a high-quality Mellotron sample library, featuring a variety of classic sounds, including flute, strings, choir, and more.

Finally, the Clavinet D6 is an electric keyboard instrument that was widely used in funk and soul music in the 70s. It has a percussive, staccato sound that is perfect for creating funky grooves. The Vintage Bundle includes a detailed recreation of this iconic instrument, capturing its unique tonal character, key release noise, and other nuances.

Overall, the Vintage Bundle is an essential tool for any musician, producer, or sound designer looking to add the authentic sound of these classic vintage instruments to their productions. With its high-quality samples and intuitive interface, the Vintage Bundle is a must-have for anyone looking to capture the magic of these iconic instruments.


- This VST requires the full retail version of Kontakt 5.6 or later

- Fully compatible with macOS and Windows

- 4GB RAM or higher required

- Requires i3 processor or higher

- Our software is not suitable for beginners in music and computer technology. Prior knowledge of VST plugins is required. The software assumes you know how to connect MIDI and audio, where the download folder is, and how to unzip a zip file.